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LO2U! -
Tommos head


Ask Alex - April Foals Day! by AleximusPrime

Too good for words. So I'm just going to make silly noises instead. Nyur gur magery gurr. Frorfa nase que burg. gerg ur furgu mayu mada...

deviantART: The Place To Be Alternate by Mod-a-holic

BTW- Im no expert at backgrounds and I really shouldn't review this, but its kinda unkewl when somebody asks for critiques and doesn't ...

Rare Wine by GlancoJusticar

Never written a deviantArt critique before, but people seem to like them so Im gonna give it a shot. Not sure if I'm gonna do too well....


This took long. That front leg looked and still looks weird.
Kick! Test
I animated a headless dude kicking something and Ive called it a test. Its very crude - look how the body gets bigger with each frame :/ Looks sort've like the sprite taking a step towards the perspective, but thats not what I wanted! xD
The Scary Story Of GTA V's Most Incredible Man Ever Ever

The clothing store didn't really deliver in terms of quality today. When you play GTA V online you soon realise that the trendiest pieces of clothing can be obtained only with ridiculous amounts of money and a a high XP level; two commodities which I was yet to obtain. Nor would I ever be bothered to do either, since the only way I can actually get money in this game is by robbing a local store. You would do so in the common USA fashion - by holding a pistol up to the storeowner's face and shouting "Money please". Thats how I think it progresses anyway. I've only tried this once and it scared me, so I doubt that I will ever do it again. 

I plotted a route to the store. It was north from my location at the time, which was a barbers. I clicked on the stores location on my touchscreen phone, uttered my farewells to the barber* and stepped into my car; a white Bollokan Prairie. The drive took about 30 minutes but the charming music of Space 103.2 made the ride an incredibly enjoyable one, dispute rudeness from other citizens who had took it upon themselves to fire their guns at the local lawmen and pedestrians before taking off in their bright red sports car**, with sirens, reds and blues blaring after them. At this moment I soiled myself. I wondered if the traffic ahead of me would start moving again.

I finally got out of the heap of queuing cars, and it was revealed to me that the jam was caused by the woman driver at the front of the traffic jam. The traffic jam itself wasn't entirely her fault (I don't think she asked anyone to shoot her in the face) but the rudeness of the faceless shooter agitated me. I had to take a breather on the side of the road for five minutes before continuing my journey.

*Who, in turn, said something along the lines of "Goodbye knobhead". This may be untrue, but if it were true, then I would be a bit miffed because saying something like "Goodbye knobhead" is usually considered rude.
**I didn't have a good look at it, but I believe it was an Overflod Entity XF; a prat car for prats.

SCARY huh? More soon!
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Sir Will Of Tommo
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Hello To You!
Its me, Tommo..!
You don't know me..?
I is not surprised...
Guess what! Don't worry about the crap you see on my profile, look at the guys on my friends list! They're the best artists here..!

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